This is a beautiful heritage walk, taking in the architecture and the history of Westmount, as well as being an endurance walk. Prepare for a 9 kilometer walk (5.5 miles), that will start off on flat terrain and then increase uphill, with some steep stairs, and an overall gain of approximately 159 meters (521 feet) uphill. Be prepared and bring bottled water. This will take between 3 to 4 hours from start to finish, including stopping to take photos and the occasional rest break.
The walk is also designed to introduce you to some alleys connecting small sidestreets below St.Catherine Street West, public stairs reaching the heights of upper Westmount to the Summit Woods and then descending via one of the longest lanes on the island of Montreal which is said to be an old Indian trail.
Also highlighted are some of the oldest homes in Westmount that have addresses on the oldest road in Westmount, Côte Saint Antoine Road. This road followed an Indian trail on the side of the mountain and dates back to the 1690’s, whereby, farms were established here at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries.
The walk begins on Prospect Street, where you will see all these small sidestreets nestled along the train tracks below Dorchester and St. Catherine Streets. And we invite you to connect from one street to the next thru the alleys you see intersecting these streets. These streets are Prospect, Clandeboye, Columbia, Bruce, Hallowell…and then cross the athletic grounds to Hillside and continue thru to Abbott, Irvine, Lewis and Blenheim. Come out onto St. Catherine and walk west to the Glen and then onwards to the old Westmount Train Station. Cross to York Avenue, and see the charming homes here. Walk over to Claremont Avenue and head north, crossing Sherbrooke Street until you go up the hill and arrive at Côte Saint Antoine Road. The addresses on Côte Saint Antoine Road you want to look for are 649, 561 and 515-513. Then start walking east on this road until you arrive at King George Park. Exit the park on the north at Westmount Avenue and walk north on Murray Hill Avenue to The Boulevard, where you want to turn right and walk east one block to Renfrew Avenue. At the north side of The Boulevard and Renfrew, there begins a series of public stairs that will allow you to ascend to the summit of Westmount.
Walk these stairs and you will be walking between magnificent homes and grounds, passing thru Edgehill Road, then Sunnyside Avenue and finally exiting these stairs onto Summit Crescent. Turn right and walk east on Summit Crescent and you will arrive at Summit Woods, a lush 57 acre bird and wildlife sanctuary. You can exit the woods and head to the Summit Circle Lookout and see amazing views of Westmount, downtown Montreal, the St. Lawrence River and beyond. On a clear day you can see the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York.
We descended the summit by walking south-west on Summit Circle, to Upper Bellevue and then to the corner of Sunnyside. You will find another set of of public stairs that will allow you to descend to Aberdeen Avenue. Again, these stairs will take you between magnificent properties and views below. Continue south on Aberdeen, passing The Boulevard and then Westmount Avenue. At both these intersections, there have been found remains of Indians buried here. At Westmount Avenue, walk west back to King George Park and exit the park on the south at Côte Saint Antoine, walk over to 334 Côte Saint Antoine and on its west side you will find the beginning of Arlington Lane, also said to be an old Indian trail. This lane may be the longest lane on the island of Montreal and it is fun to walk down it and enjoy the experience. Exit the lane at Sherbrooke Street, and in front of you will be Victoria Hall and to the east side of it will be Westmount Park and all the sites upon it. Circle the park looking for the library, the streams, etc and then exit the park at Melville and Sherbrooke and head north one block to 168 Côte Saint Antoine for another old farmhouse. You will pass St. Matthias Anglican Church, then walk towards City Hall park, passing the Westmount Lawn Bowling Club, City Hall, the War Memorial and the original Decarie farmhouse at 39 Côte Saint Antoine. A final walk east to 5 Rosemount and you will find an old home from 1863.

We did this walk on Friday June 19, 2020
Follow the map from number 1 thru number 22.

|1. Prospect Street| 2. Hillside Avenue| 3. The Glen| 4. York Street| 5. corner of Claremont and Sherbrooke| 6. 649 Côte Saint Antoine| 7. 561 Côte Saint Antoine| 8. 515-513 Côte Saint Antoine| 9. King George Park| 10. corner of The Boulevard and Renfrew| 11. Summit Woods| 12. Summit Circle Look Out| 13. corner Upper Bellevue and Sunnyside| 14. Aberdeen Avenue| 15. 354 Côte Saint Antoine| 16. Arlington Lane| 17. Westmount Park| 18. 168 Côte Saint Antoine| 19. St. Matthias Anglican Church| 20. City Hall Park| 21. 39 Côte Saint Antoine| 22. 5 Rosemount Avenue|

Prospect Street

Clandeboye Street

Thynwald House (built 1892-1895)
4064 Dorchester

Dorchester Boulevard

Columbia Street

Lane off Columbia Street

4274 Dorchester as seen from Bruce Street

Hallowell Avenue

Hillside Avenue

Abbott Avenue

Lane off Abbott Avenue

Irvine Avenue

Lewis Avenue

Blenheim Place

Royal Montreal Regiment
a primary reserve Infantry regiment
it’s origins go back to 1914

Royal Montreal Regiment
the armoury was built in 1925

View of mountain from St. Catherine Street

Westmount Glen

original Westmount Train Station (built in 1907)
it is on south side of St. Catherine, corner of Victoria Avenue

York Street

corner of Sherbrooke and Claremont

Sherbrooke Street West, looking east at Claremont

649 Côte Saint Antoine (built 1869)
Isabella Nicol House

561 Côte Saint Antoine (built 1739)
Hurtubise House
it is the oldest building in Westmount

513-515 Côte Saint Antoine (built 1847)
Riverview Manor

King George Park (a.k.a. Murray Hill)
dating back to 1929, this park is 14 acres

King George Park (a.k.a. Murray Hill)
dating back to 1929, this park is 14 acres

Google map showing the public stairs you will take going up – # 1 and # 2

The Boulevard and Renfrew…This is the beginning of the public stairs that will take you to Summit Crescent

These stairs can be steep, so pace yourself

You will walk up between beautiful homes and gardens

Here you will come out on Edgehill Road, continue to the stairs across the street

Looking back down the stairs, you can see the city below you and the St. Lawrence River in the distance

Here you will come out on Sunnyside Avenue, continue to the stairs across the street

Take your time…hope you brought some water!

Keep in mind, that you are literally walking up a mountain

You finally reaced the end of the stairs and you will exit on Summit Cresent

turn right on Summit Crescent

At the corner of Summit Crescent and Summit Circle, if you look to your left you will see the impressive dome of St. Josephs Oratory

The entrance to Summit Woods
A 23 hectare (57 acres) urban forest that is a bird and wildlife sanctuary

Summit Circle Lookout
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the city closed access to it

You would get amazing views of Montreal, the St. Lawrence River and beyond
On a clear day, you can see the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York

Upper Bellevue Road

Google map showing the public stairs you will take coming down – # 3 and # 4

Upper Bellevue and Sunnyside…This is the beginning of the public stairs that will take you down to Aberdeen Avenue

Careful…the beginning of these stairs are steep…

They flatten out on a path…

And then become stairs again

You will then exit onto Aberdeen Avenue

Looking back at the stairs we just came down onto Aberdeen

Corner of Aberdeen and The Boulevard

This is where the St George’s Snowshoe Club once stood
corner of Aberdeen and The Boulevard

The Gazette – October 5, 1899
Remains of Aboriginals/Amerindians were found in this location in 1899
They may date back pre-15th century
More discoveries of skeletons would be unearthed over next several years in area
bounded by Aberdeen, Argyle, The Boulevard and Montrose

Westmount Avenue

334 Côte Saint Antoine (built 1880)
on the west side of this house is the top of Arlington Lane

Arlington Lane
this is an old Indian trail believed to go to and from mountain springs

This lane starts at Côte Saint Antoine and ends at Sherbrooke Street West

You will be passing thru the middle of backyards

Exit Arlington Lane at Sherbrooke, and Victoria Hall is right in front of you

Victoria Hall (built 1925)
4626 Sherbrooke Street West

Conservatory and Greenhouse (built 1927)

…closed and in disrepair
come on city of Westmount…repair it !

Westmount Public Library (built 1898-1899)
4574 Sherbrooke

Westmount Park United Church (built 1929)
4695 de Maisonneuve

Serbian Orthodox Church (built 1901)
349 Melville Avenue
originally Melville Presbyterian Church

Westmount Park
the park is 26 acres (11 hectares) and dates back to 1892

Westmount Park

St. Matthias Church (built 1910-1912)
10 Church Hill Avenue

168 Côte Saint Antoine (built 1840)

Westmount Lawn Bowling Club (built 1902)
401 Kensington

Westmount Lawn Bowling Club (built 1902)
as viewed from Sherbrooke

Westmount City Hall (built 1922)
4333 Sherbrooke

39 Côte Saint Antoine (built between 1731-1739)
Decarie Farmhouse

Cenotaph (built 1922)
Garden Point

5 Rosemount Avenue (built 1863)

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