Outremont to Mile End and back

This is a very enjoyable walk that will take you thru the splendid parks of Outremont, into Mile End and back. It’s not a strenous walk, the terrain is mostly flat.

We started the walk at the lovely Pratt Park (built in 1931) at the corner of Van Horne and Pratt Avenues. Walk thru the park and exit at the top where we made our way to the old St Raphaels Church, walk over to Cote St Catherine Road and at the corner of Vincent D’Indy Avenue you will see Saint-Germaine Church, built in 1911. Continue east on Cote St Catherine Road and you will find Le Pensionat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, built in 1905. If you head south on Ainslie Avenue you will come to Joyce Park (also built in early 1930’s). On the east side of Joyce Park is Rockland Avenue, walk south on Rockland and at 543 Cote St Catherine Road is Outremont City Hall, built in 1817, it was an original farmhouse. Directly across the street at 520 Cote St Catherine Road is the old Strathcona Academy school, built in 1898. Walk north-east past Outremont High School and you will come to a samll side street called Saint-Just Avenue, the Outremont Fire Station (originally built in 1911) is at 450 Saint-Just, continue to Outremont Avenue and you will come to Outremont Park (built in early 1930’s). Turn around and walk north to Bernard Avenue and you will see the Outremont Theatre (built 1928) at 1248 Bernard Avenue. Across the street at 1145 Bernard is the original Outremont Post Office (built 1928).
Walk east on Bernard and as you cross Park Avenue, you will see the old Royal Bank building (built 1920). Continue east on Bernard until St. Laurent Boulevard, turn left and walk north until you get to the intersection where Van Horne Avenue is now an overpass , with the train tracks beside it. The city has built a cool Skateboard Park at the north-east corner of St.Laurent and Cloutier. The whold under-belly of this overpass has been transformed into an urban, concrete park for the local youth. Above, you will see the massive St. Lawrence Warehouse (a.k.a. Van Horne Warehouse) (built in 1924) with it’s beautiful water tower perched on top. Don’t walk under the under pass, walk two blocks east to St. Urbain and you will come onto Van Horne Avenue heading west. You will see Iron Sculptures on a vacant lot on the north side and a Ruelle Vert (green lane) on the south side. Keep walking west on Van Horne and at the corner of Esplanade, is the Edward VII School (built in 1912). The next block over on the north-east corner with Park Avenue is the original Art Deco Bovril Building (built in 1920). Continue on Van Horne and at Outremont Avnue, head north and at 750 Outremont is Sainte-Madelaine Church (built in 1925). Walk over to Lajoie Avenue and at 1475 Lajoie is Guy Drummond School (built in 1923), continue 1280 Lajoie and you will see Lajoie School (built in 1914). Make your way back to Van Horne Avenue and walk west until Rockland Avenue, turn right and at 831 Rockland is the old Bell Building (built 1914). Continue your walk on Van Horne until Pratt Park where you began.

We did this walk on Monday, July 1, 2019 between 09:45 and 13:00. `

Pratt Park (built in 1931)
bordered by Pratt Ave, Van Horne Ave,Dunlop Ave, and Lajoie Ave.

St. Raphael the Archangel Church (built 1932)- corner of Lajoie and de Vimy
now closed, it is becoming a palliative care centre

Saint-Germain Church (built 1911)
28 Vincent D’Indy Avenue

Le Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie (built in 1905)
628 Cote Sainte Catherine Road

Joyce Park (built early 1930’s)
bordered by Lajoie Ave, Rockland Ave, Hartland Ave and Bernard Ave

Outremont City Hall (built 1817)
543 Cote Sainte Catherine Road

Strathcona Academy (built 1898)
520 Cote Sainte Catherine Road

Outemont Fire Station
original built in 1911, you can see the tower in rear
450 Saint-Just Avenue

Outremont Park (built early 1930’s)
bordered by Saint-Viateur Ave, Bloomfield Ave, Elmwood Ave and Outremont Ave

Outremont Theatre (built in 1928)
1248 Bernard Avenue

Outremont Post Office (built in 1928)
1145 Bernard Avenue

Bernard Avenue
(looking west from corner of Querbes Avenue)

Royal Bank building (built 1920)
5801 Park Avenue

Bernard Avenue
(looking east from corner of Esplanade Avenue)

Bernard Avenue (bird cages)

St. Lawrence Warehouse (a.k.a Van Horne Warehouse)
built 1924, at 35 Van Horne Avenue

Water Tower on top of St. Lawrence Warehouse

Under the concrete overpass of Van Horne Ave and St. Laurent Blvd

The underpass of Van Horne Ave and St. Laurent Blvd

Van Horne Skate Board Park
Built by the city for the local youth

Under the concrete overpass of Van Horne Ave and St. Laurent Blvd

The rail line tracks of Van Horne Ave and St. Laurent Blvd

Van Horne Avenue looking east at St. Urbain Avenue

Ruelle Vert (Green Alley)

Iron Sculptures by Glen LeMesurier
vacant lot on Van Horne near St. Urbain

Edward VII School (built 1912)
6080 Esplanade Avenue

Original Bovril Building (built 1920) – Art Deco
6201 Park Avenue

Sainte-Madeleine Church (built 1925)
750 Outremont Avenue

Guy Drummond School
built in 1923
1475 Lajoie Avenue

Lajoie School
built in 1914
1280 Lajoie Avenue

Van Horne Avenue looking east at Rockland Avenue

Old Bell Building (built 1914)
831 Rockland Avenue

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