Maisonneuve and Viauville

This is a very charming and enjoyable walk, with lots of history too. The area we walked is the district of Maisonneuve and Viauville. Maisonneuve was a city of itself, founded in 1883, but then annexed by Montreal in 1918. Within this small period of time, Maisonnevue became the fifth most industrial center of Canada, as it opened a soap factory, textile factory, shoe factory and more. There were wealthy landowners, such as the Dufresne brothers, who built Château Dufresne, but, there was mostly a working class population. The area of Viauville never obtained status as a city, but was a unique neighbourhood of itself. It was founded by Charles-Theodore Viau, who also founded the Viau biscuit factory.
The area we walked is bordered by Sherbrooke Street East to the north, Pie IX Boulevard to the west, Saint Catherine Street to the south and Viau Street to the east. You will see magnificent Beaux-Arts architecture like the Château Dufresne and the Maisonneuve Market, as well as stunning Art Deco like the Botanical Gardens building, and also the more modern 1976 Olympic Stadium and Olympic park with its many arena’s.

We did this walk on Saturday June 6, 2020.

(1) Parc Guido-Nincheri (2) Château Dufresne (3) Ecole Irenee-Lussier (4) Ecole Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-la-Salle (5) American Can Company (6) Notre-Dame de Lourdes Hospital (7) Guido Nincheri House/Studio (8) original Maisonneuve city hall (9) original Fire Station No. 45 (10) Maisonneuve Market (11) original Maisonneuve public bath (12) École secondaire Chomedey-De Maisonneuve (13) Ecole Maisonneuve (14) original Granada Theatre (15) Parc Morgan (16) Saint-Clement de Viauville Church (17) original Viau biscuit factory (18) Maurice Richard Arena (19) Olympic Stadium (20) Botanical Garden

Parc Guido-Nincheri (corner of Rachel Street and Pie IX Boulevard)
Guido Nincheri (1885-1973) was an Italian-Canadian artist who specialized in paiting churches and making stained glass windows

Château Dufresne – a Beaux-Arts style (built 1915-1918)
4040 Sherbrooke Street East

Fence and Gates around Château Dufresne

Montreal Botanical Gardens – an Art Deco (built 1932-1933)
4101 Sherbrooke Street East

Olympic Stadium (built 1976)
4545 Pierre de Coubertin Avenue and Pie IX Blvd
built for the 1976 summer Olympic games

École Irénée-Lussier (built 1917-1919)
4140 Hochelaga Street

École Saint Jean-Baptiste de LaSalle (built 1918)
2355 Pie-IX Blvd

American Can Company building (built 1917-1918)
2030-2032 Pie IX Blvd
previously was part of Acme Can Works, and was part of the Tin Can Trust, which controlled a huge market of tin cans and containers in the United States

Notre-Dame de Lourdes Hospital (built 1904)
1870 Pie IX Blvd

Guido Nincheri House/Studio (built 1900)
1832 Pie IX Blvd
Guido Nincheri (1885-1973) was an Italian-Canadian artist who specialized in painting churches and making over 5,000 stained glass windows in more than 200 churches in Canada and the United States

original Maisonneuve city hall (built 1910)
4120 Ontario Street East

original Fire Station (built 1906-1907)
4200 Ontario Street East

Ontario Street East

original Bank of Toronto (built 1911)
4240 Ontario Street East

original Bank of Montreal (built 191?)
4250 Ontario Street East

Marché Maisonneuve – a Beaux-Arts style (built 1912-1914)
4375 Ontario Street East

Fountain at Marché Maisonneuve

Maisonneuve Public Bath – a Beaux-Arts style (built 1915)
1848 Morgan Avenue

École Chomedey de Maisonneuve (built 1929)
1860 Morgan Avenue

École Maisonneuve (built 1920)
1680 Morgan Avenue

original Granada Theatre (built 1930)
4353 Saint Catherine Street East

Morgan Park, looking north on Morgan Street

Adam Street, looking east

Eglise Saint-Clément de Viauville (built 1899)
4901 Adam Street

Viau Street, looking north

original Viau biscuit factory (built 1906)
4951 Ontario Street East

and this is what they were famous for…the Whippet biscuit! (now made by Dare)

Maurice Richard Arena (built 1958-1961)
2800 Viau Street
named in honour of the great Montreal Canadiens hockey player, Maurice “The Rocket” Richard

Olympic Village (built 1976)
Sherbrooke Street East

Olympic Stadium, with its tower (built 1976)

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