This is a fabulous walk. It will take you thru the eastern half of NDG, going south on the eastern side of the Decarie Boulevard, to the Saint-Raymond district near Oxford Park, then visiting the Sherbrooke Street West area near Girouard Park and ending in Monkland Village. In many ways it is an extension of the Westmount Park to NDG walk. We began at the Notre-Dame-de-Grace Library, built in 1912 (corner of Botrel Street and Côte Saint Antoine Road), we walked south on Prud’homme Avenue passing the Daniel O’Connell School, built in 1932. When you get to de Maisonneuve Boulevard, walk east one block to Decarie. At the corner you will see the Associated Screen News Limited Building, built in 1926 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, where short newsreels and industrial films were produced. If you walk south one block you will see the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Turn around and walk west on Upper Lachine Road, until you get to Parc Georges Saint Pierre (formerly Oxford Park). This is the Saint-Raymond district of NDG, also known as Little “Little Italy“.

Many great laneways in this area, clothes lines and tomato gardens in backyards. Walk south on Oxford Avenue to St. Jacques Street, if you look east you will see the spire of the new St. Jacques overpass. If you walk west one block you will see Belvedere Terry Fox Parc on the south side. It overlooks the falaise St. Jacques below. Go to Melrose Avenue and walk north passing Upper Lachine Road and at the end of the street is the Melrose Tunnel. This tunnel (about 150 feet long) goes under the train tracks and will bring you to the other side at the corner of de Maisonneuve. Walk north on Melrose and you will come to Sherbrooke Street West. At 5751 Sherbrooke West is the original NDG Post Office, built in 1934. Walk east on Sherbrooke and at the corner of Marcil Street is a former Bank Of Montreal building , built in 1917, at 5601 Sherbrooke. You will walk into Girouard Park now and directly across the street at 5560 Sherbrooke Street West is the original Empress Theatre, built in the Egyptian revival style. We walked north on Girouard Avenue to Notre-Dame-de-Grace Avenue and saw the former Dominican’s Father’s Monastery, built in 1922, (5375 Notre-Dame-de-Grace) and the former Notre-Dame-de-Grace Church, built in 1853, (5333 Notre-Dame-de-Grace). Turn around and go back to Girouard Avenue,and walk north to Monkland Avenue. At the corner is the original Monkland Theatre, built in 1924, at 5504 Monkland Avenue. You are now in the Monkland Village, walk along this splendid street with it’s cafe’s and shops. At 5887 Monkland Avenue, built in 1930, is a former Bell Building. Continue walking to Melrose, go south to Côte Saint Antoine Road and you will see the former Saint Augustine of Canterbury School, built in 1924 at 5619 Côte Saint Antoine Road and also the original Saint Augustine Church built in 1919, 5565 Côte Saint Antoine Road. We then walked east and headed back to the NDG Library where we started.

We did this walk on Saturday, June 29, 2019 between 09:30 and 12:45.

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Library
built in 1912, corner of Botrel Street and Côte Saint Antoine Road

Fire Station #34
built into the NDG library

The original Daniel O’Connell School
built in 1932, on Prud’homme AVenue, corner of Côte Saint Antoine Road

The Associated Screen News Limited Building
built in 1926, corner of De Maisonneuve and Decarie Blvd’s

The Associated Screen News Limited Building
the front facade sculpture

The McGill University Health Centre
bottom of Decarie Blvd

the Saint Jacques street overpass spire
55 metres high, with splayed cables

Oxford Park
renamed Parc Georges Saint Pierre

Upper Lachine Road, corner of Oxford Street
the very centre of Saint-Raymond district of NDG (Little “Little Italy”)

clothes lines and backyard tomato gardens

Belvedere Terry Fox
southside of St.Jacques, between Harvard and Wilson Streets

Melrose Tunnel
Melrose Avenue tunnel entrance at south side of train tracks

Melrose Tunnel – interior

Melrose Tunnel
Melrose Avenue tunnel entrance at corner of de Maisonneuve, north side of train tracks

Sherbrooke Street West

Original NDG Post Office
built in 1934, 5751 Sherbrooke Street West

Former Bank of Montreal building
built in 1917, 5601 Sherbrooke Street West

Original Empress Theatre
built in 1927, 5560 Sherbrooke Street West

Girouard Park

Original Dominican’s Father’s Monastery (built in 1922)(5375 Notre-Dame-de-Grace)
and Original Notre-Dame-de-Grace Church (built in 1853)(5333 Notre-Dame-de-Grace)

Original Notre-Dame-de-Grace Church
(built in 1853)(5333 Notre-Dame-de-Grace)

Original Monkland Theatre
built in 1929, 5504 Monkland

Monkland Avenue

Original Saint Augustine of Canterbury School
built in 1924, 5619 Côte Saint Antoine Road

Original Saint Augustine Church
built in 1919, 5565 Cote Saint Antoine Road

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