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Bagels (have them plain, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, with cream cheese, toasted or not, with sliced salmon, etc...you decide).
Take note of fresh bagels from St. Viateur or Fairmount bagel shops (ref: The Mile End walk).

This bagel is a sesame seed, toasted bagel with red onions, sliced salmon and tomato.

You can add a salad to the side and have a great meal.

Smoked Meat sandwich (lean, old fashioned, etc.., have on rye bread with mustard, typically servered with a pickle and cole slaw).

This one is with french fries (and if you like the fat on the smoked meat.

Poutine (french fries, topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy - easy to make, and tastes great).

Vegetarian food (Montreal is exploding in vegetarian cuisine, there are great places).

Below is a black bean burger, with veggies and chick peas. In the rear, is a sweet potato curry.

Below is a veggie wrap with vegetarian chilli. Great on a cold day.

Coffee (as mentioned, there are tons of cafe's and coffee shops).

Below - imagine sitting outside by the sidewalk, one has a latte and one has a coffee, together sharing a biscuit.

Spruce Beer (there is no alcohol in this drink - its made from the essence of the spruce tree).
It's the type of beverage that you either like it or you don't. It's hard to find the authentic brand (if it's in a can or plastic bottle, its not real. Must be in a glass bottle). Below are the brands that are still out there - we are going to try and find out exactly where to find them.

The Orange Julep-- and then there is this place - The Orange Julep. Drop by just to see it, everybody does. It's fast food - fries, burgers, and also their famous Orange Julep drink - really good!
It's on Decarie Boulevard, corner of Pare.

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