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Walk Montréal
Walk thru historic Old Montreal

directions_walkWalk thru Old Montreal
This ia a fabulous and historic walk. Plan for 3 or 4 hours, stopping for pictures and views.
We started at Victoria Square (Beaver Hall Hill and McGill Street) and headed east on Saint Jacques Street. We are in Old Montreal now and will pass right by the Molsons Bank building (built in 1866) on the south side of Saint Jaques, corner of Saint Pierre.
Keep walking east and you will shortly arrive at Place d'Armes, a public square. On the north side is the domed Bank Of Montreal headquarters (built 1847), on the south side is the Notre-Dame Basilica church (built 1820's). Right beside the church on the west side is the Saint-Sulpice Seminary, the second oldest structure in Montreal (built 1680's). The brownstone building on the east side of Place d'Armes is the New York Insurance Building (built 1887).
Go east on Notre-Dame Street and you will reach Place Jaques Cartier. At the north-east corner across the street is Montreal City Hall (built 1878), to the east is Chateau Ramezay (built 1705). At the very top of Place Jaques Cartier is Nelson's Column (erected in 1809).
Walk down thru Place Jaques Cartier to Rue Saint-Paul, Montreal's oldest street (original paved in 1672). Turn left and head east one block and you will arrive at Bonsecours Market (built 1847). On the next corner is the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours church (built in 1771). The church became a pilgrimage site for sailors. Once inside, you can go up to the lookout towers and get a fabulous view of the harbour, Old Montreal roof tops and the St. Lawrence river.
Turn around and head back west along Rue Saint-Paul, and go up and down side streets admiring the architecture and shops. At 335 Place d'Youville is the old fire station (built 1903)and at 138 Rue Saint-Pierre is the Grey Nun's Hospital (built 1765). We ended our walk on McGill Street right in front of the Grand Trunk building (built 1899).
There is so many historical buildings and sites to see here, we couldn't list them all. This is a condensed walk to enjoy a little piece of Old Montreal.

Square Victoria (1860)

Molsons Bank (built by the Molson brewery family and printed its own money)

Place d'Armes (Bank of Montreal on far left)

Place d'Armes (Notre-Dame Basilica church)

Saint-Sulpice Seminary

Place Jaques Cartier (city hall on right and Nelson's Column at top)

Bonsecours Market

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours church

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours church (showing the lookout towers)

The view from top of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours church

Rue Saint-Paul

Old fire station at Place d'Youville

Waddell building on Rue-Saint-Jean



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