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Statue of Louis Cyr

directions_walkStatue of Louis Cyr
The "Monument à Louis Cyr" created in 1970 by the artist Robert Pelletier, assisted by Petrucci and Carli. Made of bronze and granite, it was inaugurated on June 13th, 1973. It is located in Parc des Hommes-Forts.

Louis Cyr
Born in Saint-Cyprien (Napierville), Lower Canada (Quebec, Canada)on October 10th, 1863.
Baptized as Cyprien-Noé Cyr (later changed his name to Louis).
He was the second of 17 children. Began lumberjack work at age of 12 and became incredibly strong throughout his teens.
In 1883, he became a policeman in Sainte-Cunégonde (today's Little Burgundy district of Montreal) for two years.
Louis would go on to perform in feats of strength throughout Quebec, Canada, United States and Europe.
He married and had a daughter. Cyr died on November 19th, 1912 at the age of 49.

Below Google map shows location in Saint Henri of Parc des Hommes-Forts (Strongmen Park), at the intersection of Saint-Jacques and Saint-Antoine streets. As well, there is a small Louis-Cyr Park on Avenue Saint-Ferdinand at the corner of Rue Sainte Emilie and also a small side street named Rue Louis Cyr just south of the park.

Parc des Hommes-Forts

Statue Details


Louis Cyr (circa 1885-1899)
courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

Event poster (1898)
courtesy of Library of Congress

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